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CMU Basics | Textures

Manufactured textures include:

Smooth, as-molded finish.
Precision faces ground to expose aggregates.
Precision with a "broomed" appearance.
Split Face
Rough face with exposed aggregates.

Variations of texture are inherent in cmu and create the warmth and character of a cmu wall. Please refer to each product section for specific information.

Sandblast Texture
It is worthwhile to note that field sandblasting is a popular, successful method of achieving an alternative texture. After the walls are built, and other trades that may work around the walls are finished, a clean-up sandblast is often done (and more often recommended!) as the most effective method to remove the staining and soiling that normally occurs during construction. By applying a heavier blast that gets in to the aggregates, you can create an attractive texture at the same time the walls are cleaned. Sandblasting the completed wall allows maximum control over uniformity of texture as the entire field can be seen, giving the contractor opportunity to adjust as needed. Shot blasting individual cmu, with the technology currently available, does not compensate for normal variations in cmu, so textural variation from unit to unit cannot be controlled. For a similar appearance, consider Burnished units.

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