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The Desert Block Component System is a versatile masonry solution for a variety of construction situations. It may be used in either of two approaches: as multiwythe grouted masonry, incorporating the units as a structural element; or, in a non-structural role as a poured-in-place concrete wall where Components act as forms and remain as the finished wall surface. With Components, time consuming construction, setting, and stripping of conventional formwork is eliminated.

Variable wall widths from 8 inches to 24 inches, in 1-inch increments, are facilitated by the length of wall tie used. Note that for normal design conditions, standard types of hollow load-bearing cmu are best for wall construction up through 12-inch widths. For wall widths over 12 inches, or for certain design considerations, Components are a good alternative.

Limited construction clearance, due to zero lot line or existing structures, is a problem solved by use of Components. Where it would be impossible to build and strip conventional forms, Components can be laid up from one side of the wall after reinforcement is in place.

Extreme reinforcement requirements are not a hindrance to installation of Components as they provide a continuous grout space and maneuver through and around in-place reinforcing bars.

As mentioned above, Components may be used as non-structural forms for poured-in-place, or as an element in reinforced grouted masonry. The difference is not in construction methods, but in the engineering approach. As forms, only the concrete in the grout space is considered in the calculations; as reinforced grouted masonry, all elements of the masonry wall are considered, as in any other load-bearing cmu wall.

Construction consists of Component units, manufactured to the standard appropriate for intended use or code jurisdiction, in two wythes, and tied together by approved high lift grout ties embedded in the mortar joints. The grout space between the wythes contains the reinforcement and is solid grouted.

Angelus Component units are manufactured to the appropriate standard specified for a given project, which may be any one of the following according to code jurisdiction.

  • UBC Standard 21-4, Hollow and Solid Load-Bearing Concrete Masonry Units, Grade N (1900 average net psi). Also ASTM C-90.

  • UBC Standard 21-3, Concrete Building Brick, Grade S (2500 average net psi). Also ASTM C-55. Note: DSA stipulates concrete building brick for use in reinforced grouted masonry as meeting UBC Standard 21-3, Grade N only, which is 3500 average net psi. Desert Block refers to Components made to this higher strength as High-Stress Components

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