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EZ Mix Products | Spec Mix Preblended Masonry Mortar

Spec Mix® Mortar is the preeminent professional mortar. Click to get important details specifically For Architects, or For Contractors.

Spec Concrete Preblended Concrete
Spec Concrete is a dry concrete mix factory blended to exacting controls. Available in 2000 psi, 3000 psi, and 70/30 Spec Concrete (used for masonry grout), in 60 lb. and 90 lb. sacks, 3000 lb. bulk bags, or in bulk.

These high quality concrete blends are a mixture of Type II cement, 3/8" aggregate, sand, and water reducer, and meet the specification requirements of ASTM C 387 and C 476. Spec Concrete 70/30 conforms to UBC and L.A. City Table No. 21-B - Grout Proportions by Volume. Approved by L.A. City, RR 24968.

Special mix designs to meet individual job requirements may also be available; please contact your architectural representative.

Fine Grout 2500 w/GA
A preblended grout for filling masonry cavaties, doorframes, and concrete patching and grouting. Fine Grout 2500 is a blend of washed sand, Type II cement 2 1/2:1, and Grout Additive (see below), and achieves a minimum of 2500 psi compressive strength when placed at an 8-10 inch slump. Fine Grout is available in 94 lb. sacks and 3000 lb. bulk bags.

Grout Additive
A powder admixture for masonry grout, Grout Additive will provide slight expansion, retarding, and water reducing properties, improving performance and placability. Concrete with Grout Additive will have a water reduction of 10-15%, 8-10% higher compressive strengths, and over twice the shear bond strength. EZ Mix's Grout Additive does not contain any chlorides or other chemicals which contribute to corrosion of reinforcing steel.

Glass Block Mortar
Specifically designed for the installation of glass block, Glass Block Mortar is a dry, factory blend of white cement, lime, water repellent agents and silica sand. Standard color is bright white.

In addition to glass unit masonry, Glass Block Mortar can be used in the application of glazed block, brick, grouting of joints 5/16" or larger, or wherever a high quality mortar with fine sand and water repellent properties is required.

Fleming Masonry Anchoring System
A slot-type veneer anchoring system (see Veneers), utilizing four elements: Anchor Slots secured to the structural wall back-up, Anchors with one end inserted into the Anchor Slots and the other end embedded into the horizontal mortar bed between courses of masonry, a 16d common nail, and a strand of reinforcing wire in the horizontal mortar joint.

The Fleming Masonry Anchoring System conforms to masonry anchoring requirements for Seismic Zone 4, State of California, DSA, Title 21 CAC and Title 22 CAC requirements for Anchored Veneer, and City of Los Angeles General Approval RR 245560.

EZ Mix bags and manufactures an extensive variety of additional products, from common and plastic cement, tile mortars, and exterior plaster to asphalt patch products and more. Please contact us for additional information.

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