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Mortar Does Matter

Oh yeah, mortar. It's just - there. A given for building a concrete masonry wall, and simply not noticed if it's as it should be. But, when it's out of control, oh what havoc mortar can wreak on a well-designed wall! You intend your design to be fulfilled with just the right block (Angelus, of course). So complete the specification with the right mortar, Spec Mix.


It's all about control. Materials. Moisture. Proportions. Performance. Assurance. Spec Mix from EZ Mix has them all mastered, hands down.

  • Certified materials: cement, lime, and sand, used in mix designs that meet both proportion and performance requirements of code standards.
  • Computer-controlled manufacturing that records each batch. Each bag is identified to a batch. We know, so you know.
  • Simple, clean job site life. From silo or bag to the mixer, and add water; that's it. Nothing foreign dredged up while scooping sand off the ground. No some-of-this a little-more-of-that adjusting of the field-mixed mortar. No guessing if the oxide colorant is compacted or fluffed inside the coffee can measuring cup.

It's all about control, and consistency you can count on.

Spec Mix superiority is a friend of the design, but it's more than just reliable looks. It meets or exceeds UBC 21-15 and ASTM C 270, and is approved by the City of L.A. (RR 24968), the State of California Department of the State Architect, and for use in CalTrans projects. Spec Mix is available in Type S and Type M designs, in 60 lb. and 94 lb. sacks, 3000 lb. bulk bags, and in bulk.

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